Amazon Brand Registry Guide: How to Register Your Brand

In this blog post, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the Amazon Brand Registration: what Brand Registry is, why it’s so important, the benefits for you as a seller or vendor, and how to proceed step by step with the registration.

Let’s begin with the basics…

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon program focused on protecting your brand. It helps sellers prevent abuse issues by third parties and protects their intellectual property through trademark, copyright, and patent safeguards.

For example, when selling on the Amazon marketplace, sellers may frequently encounter counterfeit issues by third-party sellers. In such cases, registered sellers can:

  • Report brand abuses directly
  • Report copyright infringements
  • Report patent violations
  • “Lock” the content on the product detail pages from any changes

Moreover, Amazon provides verified brand owners with a suite of helpful features and access to essential tools, granting them increased control over their brand on Amazon and allowing them to market their products more successfully and enhance their brand presence. Access to these tools can be leveraged as a secret weapon to stay ahead of the competition!

Which helpful tools exactly? More on that later. First, we want to explain the prerequisites for registering your brand on Amazon.

What are the prerequisites for the Amazon Brand Registry?

The primary prerequisite for inclusion in the Amazon Brand Registry is having an officially registered or filed trademark with the national patent office of the respective country. In Germany, for instance, you would approach the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is also responsible.

Your chances are good if you already hold trademark rights for your text-based or image-based brand. Both types of trademarks are now accepted by Amazon.

Note: Typically, the registration process at the DPMA is completed within 7-8 months. However, the process can extend if queries arise. Only if you have applied for expedited examination (additional fee of 200 EUR), the trademark registration will be completed within 6 months of filing. What if my application is pending with the Patent Office? No worries, if you don’t yet own an active trademark or have a complete registration, Amazon makes an exception, and you can start with the Brand Registry.

In this case, for example, you can submit your trademark through the Amazon IP Accelerator program and thus gain access to the Brand Registry. Even if your trademark is not officially active yet, you can start using it on Amazon. Typically, this process takes 2-6 weeks.

Who can register with the Amazon Brand Registry?

If you belong to one of these three categories, you can register your brand on Amazon:

  • Vendors with an existing Amazon seller account
  • Sellers with an existing Amazon seller account
  • Brand owners without a sales relationship with Amazon can also register their brand to protect it on Amazon pages. Another requirement is that the products and packaging must bear your brand name or logo.

My brand is registered abroad – Which foreign trademarks does Amazon accept?

According to Amazon, registered trademarks in state trademark offices of the following countries are also supported: EU, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

As mentioned earlier, a range of tools becomes available to you after registering your brand, which can be very helpful in building and protecting your brand. Since the overhaul in 2017, sellers in the Registry benefit from powerful features. Below, we list some of the benefits and special tools available to you once you join the Brand Registry.

Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry

Registering your brand with Amazon offers several advantages, here are the key ones:

Customer and brand protection

Registering your brand on Amazon allows you to report imitations or counterfeits of your branded products on Amazon. Amazon can then remove suspected infringements and rights-violating content from third-party sellers. Thus, both your brand and your customers are protected. This protection is enabled by:

  • Search tools: Global, image, and bulk ASIN searches to monitor, identify, and report violations, false information, and review manipulation.
  • Editorial rights: You get the highest level of control over product detail pages for your branded items, meaning you can “lock” changes to content (titles, bullet points, product descriptions) to counter false information.
  • Automatic protection: The more information you provide about your brand to Amazon, the better and more comprehensively suspicious violations or misleading content can be detected and removed.
  • Support: A global support team works around the clock, available for any issues you might face. In most cases, actions are taken within 24 hours of reporting a violation.

Additional content and advertising opportunities for brand presentation and development:

  • A+ Content: A+ and Premium A+ Content highlight your brand story and product USPs on the product detail page. This promotes brand identity, potentially increases traffic, and boosts sales.
  • Video implementation: The Brand Registry enables adding product videos to Amazon product images. Showing customers the product in action can significantly increase conversion rates.
  • Amazon Brand Stores: Create your own “online store” on Amazon to showcase and promote your brand. Brand stores help establish a significant presence on Amazon and enhance the shopping experience for customers.
  • Advertising: Amazon PPC “Sponsored Brands” – An ideal way to place ads (with a logo, headline, and three product images) to boost product visibility. Sponsored Brand campaigns draw attention to your brand and can also help launch new products more successfully.
Example for Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display: This ad type is unique in offering retargeting of customers, providing more flexibility in campaign design.
  • Analysis tools “Amazon Brand Analytics & Brand Dashboard”: These features allow insights into business developments and key metrics, helping you continuously refine your marketing strategy.
Once enrolled you can go to the Brands tab on Seller Central’s main navigation bar, and access different views: Brand Analytics, Manage Experiments , Customer Reviews, Customer Engagement, Virtual Bundles, Brand Referral Bonus, Build Your Brand

How do I register my brand on Amazon?

Next, we’ll go through the brand registration process step by step. You’ll learn how it all works and what to keep in mind.

Step by Step – Brand Registration on Amazon

Step 1: Check the prerequisites.

Do you have eligibility for registration? Do you meet all the requirements? Ensure that:

  • Your trade mark/logo is officially filed with the patent office (protected brand name).
  • You have the related national trademark registration number ready.
  • Your brand meets all country-specific requirements.
  • You have a brand logo (high-resolution image if the brand is image-based).
  • Your brand appears on the product and/or packaging.

Additionally, you need:

  • A list of product categories where your brand will appear.
  • A list of all countries where your brand products are sold and manufactured.
Amazon Brand Registry Checklist: Make sure you have this prepared!

1. Your Name – full name as it appears on legal documents or trademark applications
2. Address – must match the business address in your Amazon Seller or Vendor account settings
3. Admin email address on your Amazon Seller or Vendor account
4. Phone Number and immediate access to your phone
5. Brand Name (must match your trademark)
6. Registered Trademark
7. Trademark Serial Number
8. Country of trademark office
9. Images of your Brand logo
10. Images of products or packaging with your brand logo on them
11. Product categories you sell this brand in
12. List of countries where your products are manufactured
13. List of countries where your products are distributed

Tip: Ideally, the brand owner should submit the registration to ensure all information is accurately provided and to avoid potential mistakes.

Step 2: Create an account and log in.

You can carry out the Brand Registration here.

Log in: If you already have a Vendor or Seller account, it’s recommended to log in with the same credentials. If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, create one and log in. If you’ve never registered a brand before, the left box will be empty. Click on “Enroll a new brand” to begin with the process.

Step 3: Provide brand and business information.

Now you need to enter all the necessary data and information about your brand. The prerequisites for registration and the brand name to be registered will be requested.

Important note: The brand name you wish to register must match the exact spelling used on your products, product pages, and trademark information/ your trademark application with the DPMA! Pay close attention to the correct capitalization of letters, as your brand name will appear in the Amazon Brand Registry exactly as entered.

Step 4: Fill out additional trademark information

In this step, will need to provide the trademark registration number and the patent office. Your brand name will automatically carry over from the last form entry. Depending on your trade mark, you must also upload the logo of your brand.

Step 5: Fill out additional business information and characteristics of your brand

Now, all distinctive and important features of your brand will be inquired about. The more information you provide here, the better Amazon can protect your brand.

For example, if you answer “Yes” to the first question, you need to specify one or more categories where your products will be sold. Next, you also indicate in which countries your brand products are manufactured and distributed. Use your prepared list(s) for this step! There will also be several questions regarding manufacturing, licensing and distribution.

Once everything is filled out, you can submit the registration application!

Step 6: Application of the processing and trademark confirmation

Amazon will review your details and contact you (the responsible personf for the registration) for verification: You will receive a verification code/confirmation code that must be sent back to Amazon to complete your brand registration.

Once your brand is registered, the brand owner (administrator) can request certain roles to be assigned to other seller accounts through support. For example, an authorized third party can be added as an additional user.

Conclusion on Amazon Brand Registry

If you prepare the information necessary, registering your brand with Amazon is neither difficult nor too time-consuming – plus, it’s free! As a seller, you benefit from many advantages and also gain access to fantastic features and tools, making it easier to find and report brand infringements, significantly increase control over your brand, and enhance your brand’s visibility on Amazon.

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