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What is Amazon Advertising and Amazon PPC?

Essentially: Amazon Advertising is Amazon's advertising program.

With Amazon’s Advertising (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services or AMS), your products can be advertised using various formats or advertisements at key points on Amazon's search results pages and product detail pages. The whole thing works similarly to SEA (Search Engine Advertising) with Google Ads. The pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) principle applies to all different campaign types – i.e. advertisements are paid for per click , meaning advertisers only pay whenever the ad is clicked on.

How does Amazon Advertising work?

Amazon Advertising is designed to help sellers and vendors reach buyers in every buying phase of their customer journey on Amazon.

Depending on the campaign type that is selected, the advertisements are displayed at different prominent positions on the search results page or product detail page - where they can be seen by potential buyers and act as an additional incentive to buy. This way, sellers on Amazon can massively increase the visibility of their products through ads, and therefore potentially significantly increase their sales figures and turnover. The advantage over other PPC marketing is that most Amazon users already have an intention to buy when they are looking for a product. A purchase is, therefore, more likely to convert with this type of ad than it would be with a typical Google search query. Those who manage to put their product in the spotlight with a well-placed advertisement, are most likely to increase their profitability and sales.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising and PPC Campaigns - Are They Right for You?

The bottom line is: placing advertisements on Amazon through PPC campaigns offers great potential returns for every seller/vendor and has many advantages for the brand and products on sale.

PPC campaigns on Amazon are right for you if you want to:

increase your visibility

increase your sales

successfully launch and push new products

push seasonal campaigns

achieve brand and product awareness

successfully establish your brand and brand stores

improve your Amazon rankings

maintain your rankings

An increase in market share and sales may also result in a ranking improvement on the Amazon results pages. For example, anyone who increases the sales rate (conversion rate, CVR) of their products with successful and optimized Amazon Advertising campaigns improves the “performance” of these products, which is classified as a positive ranking factor by the Amazon algorithm. Therefore, they will receive an organic boost across the board.

In addition to organic traffic via Amazon SEO, advertisements are a great way of increasing the visibility of a product.

What are the main ad formats offered by Amazon Advertising?

Quite simply, Amazon Advertising offers 3 different advertising formats or paid advertising offers. The following display models can be created on Amazon:

Sponsored Products (SPA) Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads (SB)

Sponsored Product Display (SD) ads

All of these campaign types offer different strategies and methods of targeting customers.

Sponsored Products Ads

Amazon Advertising with SPA is probably the most commonly used ad type. SPA uses specific keyword and product targeting to promote specific products. This variant is particularly suited for a product launch since the organic traffic to new products is often very low at this stage yet is needed to increase visibility. These ads appear for matching keywords (alongside other products that appear organically) either directly below Sponsored Brand ads or above and between the organic search results on the search results page. SPA ads can also be placed in the “product carousel” on Amazon’s product detail pages and therefore are hardly perceived as advertisements by the customer.

Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brands Ads, formerly known as headline search ads, are also keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads. Unlike Sponsored Product Ads, where only one product is advertised at a time, Sponsored Brand ads feature up to three products at a time. You may also showcase your brand and logo, and even link to the Amazon Brand Store. The self-service ad is displayed in the form of a banner above the organic results and Sponsored Product Ads. This variant is particularly suitable if you want to put your top sellers in the spotlight or if you want to increase overall awareness of your brand.

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads use product-based and interest-based targeting – here, for example, the interests of selected target groups are used as the basis for displaying the ads. These ads are not based on keywords – instead, they are shown to users when they match the customer’s interests. Sponsored display ads are displayed below or next to the buy box on Amazon product detail pages so that the potential customer is reached at the crucial moment within the customer journey before they are committed to a competitor’s product. With this advertising variant, it is also possible to incorporate a logo or advertising text.

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Before you start an Amazon PPC campaign, we strongly recommend a professional optimization of your product detail pages and listings (title, bullet points, A+ content, product images, keywords). If a potential customer is forwarded to the advertised product detail page, everything must be exactly right to avoid a high bounce rate – after all, you don’t want to increase advertising costs unnecessarily – but instead are aiming to generate as many sales as possible per click.



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