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Anyone who sells on Amazon as a seller or vendor needs to get the most out of their product detail pages. The easiest way to achieve this is by creating successful A+ Content (formerly called “Amazon Enhanced Brand Content” – EBC).

Writing successful A+ content for Amazon requires knowledge and experience – that’s where we come in. At ama-X, we help you fill your product detail pages with engaging, customized content that builds your brand identity.

What is A+ Content?

The aim of A+ Content is to go a step beyond the basic standard product description. Individualized texts and images can be added to this “extended content” to visually enhance the product detail pages and offer the customer more information about the brand and product. That’s how A+ content creates a richer online shopping experience and adds value for the customer.

Ideally, A+ content communicates all the vital information and USPs (Unique Selling Points) that online buyers want to know about a product or brand. This creates a better understanding of the product and establishes brand trust with new customers.

Therefore, A+ is the perfect opportunity to build a brand or corporate identity (CI) with strong recognition value on Amazon.

A+ Content Goals

“Deeper understanding” of product and brand via text and image
Presenting important information
Showcase visual identity with your own texts, graphics, images, and illustrations
Provide an additional 5000 characters of content in addition to the standard product description

Why is A+ Content so important?

Especially on Amazon, it is important to provide potential customers with as much sales-motivating and decision-influencing information about the product and its brand as possible.

The shopping experience exclusively takes place online, so the hands-on personal experience of in-person purchasing is off the table. So in order to give customers a good “feeling” of your product and brand, you must reflect these values on the web page using meaningful text and images.

A+ content with ama-X

Would you like to have your A+ content crafted by professionals? No problem – you’re in the right place.

We know exactly what makes successful A+ content and know all Amazon guidelines that need to be followed.

We will ensure that the color scheme, wording, imagery, and design of your product detail pages match your brand and vision.

We can take over:

What advantages does A+ Content offer?

Ideal presentation of product and brand

With effective use of A+ content, you can better present and integrate the special features of your brand or product. This is an opportunity to combine strategy and creativity to precisely appeal to your target group

Increased visibility

Informative and attractive A+ content increases your visibility to customers searching for products on Amazon. Increased visibility means more visitors, and more visitors can translate to more customers and a higher conversion rate.

Higher sales and improved ranking

A higher conversion rate suggests to Amazon that you have a higher turnover, creating an improvement in the rankings. This is a self-reinforcing positive cycle.

Optimized shopping experience for mobile

Successful A+ content leads to an improved digital shopping experience for customers by delivering a great first impression of the brand’s “look and feel” - both in desktop and mobile view. Since more and more people use the Amazon app primarily, effectively mobile-optimized A+ content is essential. It will appear after the product images as the first information below the price and the Sponsored Products Ads.

Better customer reviews and fewer returns

If a purchase comes from a deeper understanding of the product, there is a strong probability that the product will satisfy the customer's expectations. This results in positive product reviews for you and a lower return rate. Both factors are extremely positive ranking factors for the Amazon algorithm! Another positive cycle.

Achieve Google indexing on product detail pages

Product detail pages are not indexed by the Amazon A9 algorithm, but they are indexed by Google. Important keywords that have not already been placed in the title or the key points section can be easily integrated into the backend of the A+ content. Driving additional Google traffic to the product detail page and appearing in the top results of Google searches can be extremely beneficial.

Requirements for creating A+ Content

Regardless of whether you are a seller or vendor on Amazon, you can use Seller or Vendor Central to create A+ Content free of charge. Vendors automatically have access to create A+ content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

However, sellers can only access the A+ Content Manager after registering their brand with the Amazon Brand Registry.

Differences between seller and vendor accounts at A+ Content

Seller Account

Vendor account

How do you create A+ content?

Navigate to the “A+ content manager” under the menu item “Advertising”. New A+ content can be created here. You may also find content that has already been created there.

Modular workflow: With a simple user experience, you can design the page using the “drag & drop” functions with ready-made templates. The design elements can now individually be combined with one another as you wish. A total of 17 design modules are available, of which 5 to 7 A+ modules can be used per site.

Insert text and images: If you are satisfied with your basic structure, text and images can now be added accordingly.

"Add ASINs": Select which ASINs the A+ Content should be linked for.

"Submit Approval": Your content will now be reviewed by Amazon before it is published. The exam can take up to 7 days. Details may have to be adjusted - these will also be checked by Amazon.

After successful verification, your A+ Content will appear on the product detail pages as “manufacturer’s product description”.

Best practice examples for A+ Content

Features of successful A+ content:

I need A+ content created!

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Whether it’s an individual concept for independent implementation, preparation of SEO-optimized A+ content, or the optimization of existing content – we have the solution for every situation.

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