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Anyone making a play for Amazon success must invest in an optimized marketing strategy – and that always includes a professional brand store. This will be a crucial advantage.

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What is an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon Brand Store (brand shop) is one of the most valuable advertising tools available for vendors and sellers on Amazon – and it’s free. A brand store offers the opportunity to achieve uniform branding, increase brand awareness, and display your Amazon entire product range in one place.

Similar to A+ Content, Amazon Brand Stores are used as a “digital shop window”, or webshop, on Amazon. This is where to ideally present your own-brand selection and product range, while at the same time improving your customer’s shopping experience. In the best-case scenario, the strong presentation of your brand and products on Amazon will create better product understanding and improve trust among customers.

What advantages does an Amazon store offer?

Increased brand awareness and credibility

By creating a uniform corporate design, you improve your credibility and your image as a seller with a solid brand. A brand store also offers the opportunity to specifically address your target groups.

Improved shopping experience

Customers have a better user experience with an optimized and brand-specific product presentation and are not distracted by competing products on your brand store pages.

Launch new products and focus on bestsellers

You can clearly present both new products and proven bestsellers in your store within their own categories and place them in the spotlight. This is the best way to round off the presentation of your brand and products on Amazon. The customer will be pleased by a well-rounded brand profile.

Exclusive presentation of the USPs

Customers have a better understanding of your products by highlighting your brand's best features and USPs (Unique Selling Propositions). Additionally, customers can get a greater overview of your product range.

Building customer trust and long-term customer loyalty

By being able to better market and develop your brand story through a brand store, there is an increased opportunity to convince customers of your product’s value in the long term. Those who have built customer trust can achieve more sales in the long run and rely on a returning customer base.

Improved visibility and organic Amazon rankings

More satisfied customers, an increased conversion rate, and good content are very positive ranking factors for your Amazon search results. The Amazon algorithm rewards professionalism! This is how you stand out from the competition.

Advertise seasonal promotions and current deals

Current offers and discounts can be highlighted in the store. For seasonal events such as Prime Day or Black Friday, special stores with the corresponding offers can go live at short notice. The offer pages can then be advertised in turn. This is a special advertising channel that you should also use for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Cyber Monday.

Increase internal and external traffic

Brand stores can be advertised both inside and outside the Amazon marketplace. This is a crucial way to increase traffic to your product pages. For example, a customer can be forwarded directly to your shop via a sponsored brand ad on Amazon. However, a customer may also land on your store from ads placed on Google search results pages for relevant search terms. Never forget that brand shops are also indexed by Google organic rankings.

How does a customer find the Amazon Store?

Potential buyers can land on your brand store pages both from internal and external traffic sources. This is a key advantage for you. The reach of the brand shops can go far beyond Amazon. So how does a customer find your brand shop?

About internal traffic:

There are two ways visitors can reach your brand store from within Amazon itself. A direct way is through your product detail pages. The Brand Store is linked directly under the product title and interested Amazon users are forwarded to your Brand Shop with a single click.

A second way is via (paid) sponsored brand ads that appear in the Amazon search results and can be clicked on just as directly.

About external traffic:

Each Amazon Brand Store has its own customizable short URL, e.g., which can be used to pull in traffic from outside of Amazon.

The URL(s) of the Brand Store pages can also be used as a landing page for external campaigns such as social media channels, or email marketing and newsletters. In this way, visitors can be sent directly to your Amazon brand shop. Since Google also indexes Amazon Store pages, these can – if SEO optimized – also generate additional organic and external traffic if users enter relevant search terms into Google and the Brand Store is an appealing result.

Who can create a Brand Store?

If you are an Amazon Seller or Vendor, you can only create an Amazon Brand Store after registering your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry. So first, you will need to register your brand in order to be able to create a brand shop in the Vendor or Seller Advertising Console.

I want to know how to set up a Brand Store

Would you like to set up your Amazon Brand Store and need a guide? No problem. We have created a step-by-step guide for you. You can download this guide here:


Ama-X Agency: What we offer to build your successful Brand Store on Amazon

Do you want to improve the performance of your Amazon Brand Store or need help creating your store?

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know all the best practices for long-term brand success and are happy to help you out.

We accompany you step by step and tailor our services to you:

We can offer you:

We will keep an eye on the performance of your brand store and collaborate with you on key decisions to achieve your brand goals. You have found the ideal partner to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Ama-X’s Best Practices for Brand Stores

SEO optimization of your brand store

The Amazon search engine does not index brand stores. So they cannot be found directly via the search bar on Amazon. However, we know how important and beneficial SEO optimization of your store pages can be for increased organic traffic and external traffic. Brand store landing pages are, in fact, indexed by search engines like Google and the like! Repeated keyword optimizations can therefore ensure additional visitors and potential new customers.

Professional and appealing appearance

We know the ideal structure of a brand store: in compliance with all Amazon guidelines and appearing professional. There are many content and design requirements that Amazon considers to be “professional” and that must be met for it to be approved. Above all, we want visitors and potential customers to see you as professional and trustworthy. That's why we pay particular attention to quality: high image resolution, perfect grammar, correct spelling, and great readability of all texts - especially if the texts are placed on images.

Prioritizing mobile optimization

The trend is that most store visits these days come from mobile devices. We know that most potential buyers use their smartphones to shop online. It is therefore particularly important that your Amazon Brand Store design is optimized for mobile view. Our priority is to offer your buyers the best shopping experience on Amazon. We ensure an optimal result on all end devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Successful branding through a uniform brand image

We know how important consistent and recognizable corporate design is nowadays. That's why we use the great opportunity to design your "digital business card" in such a way that the shop pages match your individual brand story and your visual brand image. Precisely selected multimedia material (photos, videos) and impactful texts create a uniform "feeling" and trust in your products and your brand. Customers who feel comfortable with you after a positive first impression are most happy to invest, and then return to buy again.

Target-group oriented approach

If you know your target group, you can court them tactically. That's exactly what we do. With an appealing and informative product presentation in the brand store, we create a uniform image of your brand and aim to build customer trust and a returning customer base for your products. Well-informed customers shop conscientiously and are often happy to return and leave good reviews.

High-revenue strategy through targeted advertising

We explore all possible avenues to promote your brand store and increase your sales. Through targeted advertising campaigns, we ensure that your products successfully reach more customers. Tailored Sponsored Brand campaigns can make your products more widely known. Using this technique, Amazon visitors and potential new customers will find your brand shop and your products via specific search queries on Amazon. In this way, we can guarantee to get the best out of your seasonal campaigns and product launches.

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