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Would you like to offer your Amazon products across North America or even expand across European marketplaces?

Getting to this stage is difficult. In order to do everything right, you’ll need a reliable partner who can help you every step of the way. For example, it’s essential to consider country-specific strategies and local language content creation, leveraging niche insight into the chosen marketplace’s norms and standards.

Different cultures, different customs

The search behavior of customers in other countries differs from those in the US. Depending on the country and its behaviors, the needs and requirements of potential customers differ in European and international marketplaces.

With ama-X, you have found a specialist for your internationalization process on Amazon. We will support you in successfully accessing new markets so that you can not only increase your international reach but also achieve higher sales overall.

We do the work, you reap the rewards!

Why pursue internationalization on Amazon?

Selling your products as a small or medium-sized company across European and international marketplaces on Amazon has countless advantages. If you seize the opportunity to establish and expand your brand internationally, you’ll find that:

You reach new customers and expand your potential buyer pool by increasing your international visibility and awareness.

You can potentially increase your sales many times over by expanding your Amazon business into European or international markets.

You’ll take advantage of the opportunity to balance sales fluctuations within a market by taking advantage of country-specific periods of high sales and even public holidays across different markets.

As a retailer, you get useful insights into the sales behavior of customers abroad and the potential of your goods in other countries. In this way, your products can be tested outside of your own market.

Why pursue the internationalization of your Amazon business with ama-X?

Amazon internationalization is not always easy. Consider these reasons to offer your Amazon products internationally with our help:


It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with global tax guidelines, as it is essential to comply with country-specific legal requirements. We are very familiar with the "Amazon seller guidelines" and country-specific conditions that must be taken into account in other countries and are at your side if you have any questions. Together we will find a solution for any difficulties and, if necessary, put you in touch with one of our specialist partners who will support you with the (tax) legal implementation.


Foreign Amazon marketplaces also have strong competition! To remain internationally competitive, it is very important to know the language of the new customer group and to use it correctly. That's why we leave the analysis, keyword research, and SEO optimization of your product listings to our experienced native speakers. Search terms and product descriptions of all your listings are guaranteed to match local needs.


By working with a professional full-service agency for Amazon like ama-X, the process is made much easier and implemented more efficiently thanks to specialist expertise and many years of know-how. Keeping your Amazon business intact and managing multiple marketplaces can take a lot of effort - make it easy on yourself.

Our Services – Sell Internationally on Amazon

Our experts support and accompany you step by step in launching your products in European and other international markets (FR, ES, IT, UK, NL, SWE, PL, USA, CAN, MEX).

Throughout many years of building our own brands and customer base, we have been able to gain valuable experience across international marketplaces.


With our proven best practices framework on Amazon and our domestic and international market understanding, we will ensure your successful launch in new regions. You can count on us as a loyal partner and specialist for your own internationalization on Amazon.


Whether country-specific Keyword research, analysis, or the creation of specific localized content for advertising campaigns – our team of native speakers (English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Dutch) will support you in your expansion across international marketplaces.

What are your options for selling internationally on Amazon?

Essentially there are several ways to sell your products with Amazon abroad. Some popular solutions include:

Pan-European shipping (PAN-EU)

If you as a retailer use the FBA program (“Fulfillment by Amazon”), you have the option of having your goods shipped quickly with PAN-EU, both at home and abroad using Amazon Prime. Amazon independently distributes your inventory to seven different shipping centers in European countries. Another advantage is that within the “Big 5” European marketplaces (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK), from March 2022 only in the UK do local shipping fees apply, regardless of where the product was stored or from which warehouse it is sent to customers.

Central Europe Program (CEP)

This alternative for internationalization allows FBA retailers to store their goods in Amazon logistics centers in the Czech Republic and Poland in addition to Germany. Many retailers choose this route because the FBA shipping fees are currently 50 cents cheaper per unit.

European Shipping Network (EFN)

At EFN (European Fulfillment Network) your goods are stored in German Amazon logistics and shipping centers. All orders are processed from there. EFN is also a convenient shipping solution that can be worthwhile for smaller online retailers in particular if they want to test selling their goods abroad first. A big difference to PAN EU is that the shipping fees are higher.

Marketplace Country Inventory (MCI)

Another international logistics solution from Amazon is to store inventory in the target marketplace’s country (Multi Country Inventory). You can store your goods in any Amazon shipping center of your choice and ship them from there. So you decide for yourself how many goods you want to store in which logistics centers in the individual countries. Depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease stock in specific countries.

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