Your product is what drives us!

As a full-service agency for Amazon, ama-X offers a full spectrum solution for sellers and vendors to succeed on Amazon.

Extensive market analysis & keyword research

Content creation & optimization

Strategic advertising support on Amazon

Comprehensive & personalized advice

Reporting & controlling

Extensive market analysis & keyword research

With our holistic approach to business and laser-focus on profit margins, we can achieve:

Control over your products

(ASINs, EANs, logistics, warehousing, etc.)

Uniform representation of your brand on Amazon

Better rankings and more visibility

Sustainable growth

Your partner in all things on Amazon

Essential requirements for a successful Amazon business:

Registered DPMA / EUIPO trademark

Official GS1 EANs

Amazon Brand Registry

Ready-to-sell products

Sie wissen nicht genau, ob Sie alle Voraussetzungen erfüllen?

Need some expert advice on any of these topics?

Our services

What does it mean when we say that ama-X is a full service agency? Well, with specialists in every possible stage of the selling process we are experts in promoting every type of Amazon business, all of the way.

Orientation & preparation phase

Seller vs. Vendor

Support in choosing the right program and support for Seller Central and Vendor Central

Terms and Conditions

Analysis and optimization of existing cost structures, support in negotiations with Amazon and your vendor manager.

Chaos Cleanup

Making all variables uniform, optimizing groupings, reseller management, establishing central product database, consistent product maintenance, and ensuring a slick, consistent Amazon presence

Logistical processes

Identification of margin and time-wasting processes, inventory management, FBA / FBM, lean logistics approach, introducing software tools to manage and automate.

Analysis & research phase

Market & product analysis

Identifying main competitors and bestsellers, dos & don'ts of your niche, category insights & best practices, recommendations for your own products

Product selection

Potential analysis, product data upload, category management

Keyword research

Identification of product-relevant search terms (short & long-tail), acquiring sales-generating keywords from leading competitors

Product media

Analysis of your existing product images / videos, individual Amazon photo guidelines and guidelines to create product videos

Implementation & optimization phase

SEO for Amazon

SEO / marketing listing optimization, backend keywords (description & search terms), indexing, optimization of conversion rate, increase in rankings

Content optimization

Title, bullet points, A + content, optimization of existing content on product detail pages, writing new content, well-written sales texts communicating customer benefits and USPs

A + Content (EBC)

Creation & optimization of A+ content, implementing sound sales practices, storytelling, integration of suitable lifestyle images and banners, providing guidelines for A+ Content creation, building of brand identity

Brand Store

Creation & optimization, smooth transfer of your brand to Amazon, establishing trust at the core of your CI, advertising with sponsored brands campaigns & generating external traffic

Wachstums- und Skalierungsphase

Advertising on Amazon

PPC on Amazon, Campaign Management, Bid Management, Promotions, External Traffic, Exact-, Phrase-, Broad-Match, ASINs targeting, Sponsored Ads (SPA), Sponsored Brands (SB), Sponsored Display (SPD)

Buy Box Optimierung

Checking stock, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), pricing


Definition of relevant key figures, KPI control, Weekly and monthly reporting with dashboard


Individual strategic advice, growth and internationalization strategies, roadmaps and milestones, recommended actions for your Amazon business

We are your specialists for the international marketplace

Buyers have different needs and requirements based on their location. To become established in the European and American markets, you need a reliable partner who will support you in essential stages such as strategy, country-specific analysis, and native language content creation.

Immediate market comprehension based on knowledge and experience of the domestic marketplace.

Professional translations and country-specific keyword research

Content creation and optimization by native speakers

Advertising on international Amazon marketplaces

Years of experience and success growing across international marketplaces, maintaining widespread customer service, and expanding product reach

From Germany out into the world

Besides our main marketplace Germany, we also focus on the European marketplaces (UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, SWE, PL) as well as USA, Canada and Mexico. We offer qualified account managers and native speakers to provide full support in each of these regions. Amazon divides Europe into distinct divisions, as seen below. It’s important to take the correct approach to manage each one differently.

Home market:


FR | ES | IT

UK post-Brexit

With ama-X offices in Glasgow





The next steps

Free initial consultation

Free potential analysis + individual package design + roadmap

Fine-tuning our offer

Beginning of a strong partnership!

We are your partner in long term success

Why you will succeed

Personal account manager

We’ll provide one of our team members to personally supervise your success. Our account managers look after a maximum of 5 clients at the same time. This makes sure they always provide the best results for each client.

Ongoing advice and support

Your personal account manager will give you in-depth advice on all topics related to Amazon. Ongoing performance is discussed and evaluated in weekly meetings.

Tailored precisely to your needs

Our account managers support you with the setup and take care of the maintenance of your Amazon account. Working together, we will create a strategy tailored to your needs.

Monthly and weekly reporting

We provide you with comprehensive reports on your account developments on a weekly and monthly basis. Additionally, we will constantly collaborate with you regarding the next steps, so that you are always up to date.

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