SEO for Amazon – More visibility creates more sales

We use effective SEO strategies to increase the visibility of your products on Amazon.

As an agency for SEO on Amazon, it’s our job to create the ideal placement for brands on Amazon.

By using our expert methods, we ensure that your products are profitable and in a prime position on amazon.

We also push your organic rankings and optimize your performance in paid searches via PPC.

What is Amazon SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".

Amazon SEO covers all measures to improve the ranking of a product and its visibility on Amazon search results.

An Amazon SEO optimization aims to make products rank as best as possible for their relevant search terms, also known as keywords. Optimally a SEO optimized product appears on rank 1-5 of the first search result page.

The better a product is optimized for its relevant keywords and search phrases used by potential buyers, the higher it will appear in the search results pages on Amazon and the more likely it will be clicked and purchased.

What is the goal of Amazon SEO and what why is it so important?

The rule of thumb is: Whoever is most visible, ie. whoever appears on the first 3 to 5 ranks on the first search result page gets the most clicks.

By optimizing visibility, the conversion rate (and therefore the volume of sales) can be increased significantly.

This is why Amazon SEO is super important when it comes to being found on Amazon for certain search terms.

As an agency for SEO on Amazon, we use extensive keyword research to identify relevant search terms for your products and we effectively integrate these keywords within your product listings. Title, bullet points, backend keywords, and product descriptions are also regularly optimized.

Amazon SEO: How Does the Amazon A9 Algorithm Work?

Similar to Google, Amazon also uses its own search algorithm – the A9 search algorithm.

In order to guarantee its customers an optimal shopping experience by also offering the most suitable results for their search queries, the Amazon A9 algorithm takes various ranking factors into account.

Only the products that are best adapted to the algorithm appear on the first search engine result page (SERP). Two factors, in particular, play an important role here: relevance and performance.

Most Important Amazon Ranking Factors

The relevance of a product is determined by the keywords used in the title, bullet points, product description, and the backend.

This is not about integrating as many keywords as possible in the listing. Instead, it is the practice of placing relevant keywords strategically without the text’s legibility suffering through keyword stuffing. This is where professional keyword research and content optimization pays off.

Performance is determined using various metrics such as the click rate (click-through rate, CRT), the conversion rate (conversion rate, CVR), and ultimately the product sales volume. Amazon also pays special attention to customer satisfaction. For example, customer ratings and the return rate also count in determining a good or bad performance.

What Amazon SEO results does ama-X offer?

To ensure that your products are displayed at the top of Amazon, we offer you professional Amazon SEO on the German and on all international marketplaces.

We rely on an individualized and comprehensive Amazon optimization of your products. The foundation for successful selling on Amazon is the professional appearance of your brand and consistently optimized content. By creating and optimizing this content, we specifically increase your Amazon rankings, your visibility, and thus your sales.

Our SEO services for your Amazon Business

Full Service by ama-X - with experts in each field, we are the specialists for your entire Amazon business.

Analysis & Consultation Phase

SEO Consulting

Do you have questions about SEO optimization on Amazon? Our SEO experts have the answers. As a leading Amazon SEO agency we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


As an SEO agency, we identify and analyze your main competitors on the Amazon marketplace. The results of the competition and market analyses serve as a basis for your individual SEO strategy.


Keyword Research

Taking into account the competition, your target demographics, and your product USPs we carry out comprehensive keyword research using specialized software. The raw keyword lists are processed and clustered by your account manager to serve as the basis to create the listings.

Product Photos

We will provide you with detailed photo and video guidelines for creating attractive product images and videos that comply with Amazon guidelines.

Implementation & Optimization Phase


Meaningful Listing Curation

We create sales texts for you that are informed by key principles of sales psychology. Here is where we integrate relevant keywords or search terms into the title and bullet points and optimize the alt attributes in the A+ content.

A+ Content (EBC) Creation

In addition to the product titles and bullet points, we create meaningful and informative A+ content for you that is tailored to your target demographics.


Product Data Upload

We take care of uploading your newly optimized content and images.


PPC on Amazon

Our PPC experts will give your rankings a push with effective advertising and Amazon PPC campaigns so that you can go toe-to-toe with major competitors on Amazon.

We are your specialist for all major international marketplaces

The needs and requirements of potential buyers differ by country and custom. In order to successfully gain a foothold in the diverse European marketplaces and also the USA, you need a reliable partner who will support you all the way from strategy to country-specific analysis, to content creation in the target market’s native language

Rapid understanding of shifting markets through deep knowledge of domestic marketplace trends

Professional translations and country-specific keyword research

Content creation and optimization by native speakers

Amazon Advertising on international marketplaces

Many years of experience on international marketplaces through customer service and successful expansion of our own brands

SEO optimization on the international Amazon marketplaces

Do you want to scale your business and expand to international marketplaces on Amazon? Then we are certainly the right partner for you.

Different countries act in different ways. The search behavior of customers in other countries differs from the marketplace in Germany. Our team of native speakers supports companies expanding into the international marketplaces (UK, FR, ES, IT, NL, WE, PL, USA, CAN, MEX) with country-specific analysis, keyword research, and specific content creation.

Ongoing SEO support for long-term success on Amazon

If you want long-term success in a dynamic market you must stay on the ball!

Therefore, regular SEO optimization reviews are absolutely necessary.

The care and maintenance of your product detail pages on Amazon is important to us.

If necessary, we will immediately implement content updates and optimizations of the listings so that you do not lose your visibility and organic rankings.