Optimising Your Amazon Brand Store: Tips & Best Practices

An Amazon Brand Store is your showcase on Amazon to highlight your brand and products. It’s not just about listing products; it’s about telling a story that defines your brand and sets it apart from the crowd.

In this post, we’ll provide you with valuable tips to optimise your Amazon Brand Store!

1. Above-the-Fold Optimisation – First Impressions Count

The “Above the Fold” area is the first thing customers see of your store. This section should contain a “Hero Image”. It aims to immediately capture the viewer’s attention and provide a strong first impression of the brand. Hero images are often inspirational or representative visual displays that help to highlight the core message or identity of your brand. A hero image on the homepage, supported by a clear logo and intuitive navigation bar, ideally inspires the customer and invites them to explore the store further.

For example, the Amazon Brand Store of SAMSUNG.

Avoid cluttered designs and ensure that text elements are clear and readable. A straightforward navigation bar with concise category titles makes it easier for visitors to navigate and enhances user experience.

2. Mobile Optimisation: A Must Nowadays

With the increase in mobile store visits, it is crucial to optimise your Amazon Brand Store for mobile devices. A significant portion of Amazon users make purchases via mobile devices, so it’s vital that your Brand Store looks good and functions well on phones and tablets! Pay attention to the readability of the implemented texts, simple navigation, and optimal visual presentation of your store on smaller screens. A clear content hierarchy and unobtrusive Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are essential for an effective mobile user experience. Check the presentation and operability on various devices to ensure an optimal user experience.

  • Place CTAs prominently to encourage customer engagement and conversions.
  • Be strategic in product placement across different pages.

3. Tell Your Brand Story

Your Amazon Brand Store should convey a clear and consistent brand message. Define what makes your brand unique, the USPs of your products, and use this narrative to connect all elements of your store – from product images to description texts. Use your Amazon Brand Store not just to showcase products, but also to tell your brand’s story.

4. SEO Optimisations

SEO is important not just for your website. Use relevant keywords in your store to increase visibility in Amazon’s search results. Consider both generic and brand-specific search terms and long-tail keywords. Read here about how to do Amazon keyword research correctly!

5. High-Quality Images and Multimedia Content

Use high-resolution and quality images, videos, and other multimedia elements to attractively present your products. The visual presentation of your products plays a crucial role in online shopping as customers base their purchase decisions on what they see. Visually appealing content can not only significantly increase the dwell time of visitors but also positively influence the purchasing decision.

  • Product photography: Investing in good product images and videos is worthwhile! Invest in professional product photography to show your items in various categories of your store from different perspectives or in different usage scenarios. With new product images, you can also optimise your product listings, which in turn can positively affect your overall ranking.
  • Image optimisation: Ensure that the images are not only high-resolution but also optimised for the web. They should load quickly without losing quality to ensure a positive user experience and improve SEO performance.
  • Videos: Supplement your images with brand and product videos that show your products in action and represent your brand. Product videos help demonstrate the functionality and benefits of your products and can increase the conversion rate by providing customers with a more comprehensive understanding of the product.
  • 360-degree views: Consider integrating 360-degree views to offer customers an interactive way to explore your products virtually. This not only increases the dwell time on your page but can also positively influence trust in the product and the purchasing decision.

Multimedia content and the use of customer reviews/testimonials: In addition to images and videos, other multimedia elements such as infographics or customer review videos can be integrated to enrich the product presentation and positively influence the purchasing decision.

6. Highlight Special Offers and Promotions

Offer special promotions or discounts to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Limited-time offers or exclusive discounts create an incentive for quick decisions and can accelerate the purchasing process.

Ensure that these offers are easy to find in your store and are attractively presented. Place these offers prominently in your Amazon Brand Store, ideally directly on the homepage or in a specially designated area that catches the eye immediately.

Monitor the performance of your promotional campaigns to understand which offers resonate best with your target audience. With this “trial and error” strategy, you can find out what works best.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a very effective strategy to promote your Amazon Brand Store and reach a larger audience. Collaborate with influencers who appeal to your target audience and share values that align with your brand. They can authentically present your products and direct their followers from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok straight to your store. It’s crucial that the collaboration occurs naturally and the influencer can credibly convey the benefits of your products. Influencer marketing can enhance brand awareness, increase trust in your products, and ultimately lead to higher sales figures. For more on Amazon influencer marketing, check out this article.

8. Advertising: Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand Ads

Utilise Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads, along with other PPC advertising efforts, to increase the visibility of your store and encourage buyer interaction. Read up on Amazon Sponosred Advertising here.

With Sponsored Brand Ads, you can directly link to your Brand Store (for example, the Kérastase brand).

Don’t forget to also include your store link in social media, email marketing campaigns, and on your official website.

9. Regular Updates and Analysis

Regularly update your products, add new items, remove outdated products, and adjust content according to seasonal trends or special events (Summer Season, Winter Season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.).

Keep your store up-to-date and regularly analyse performance data or “Store Insights”. Amazon provides extensive analytical tools that reveal visitor behaviour and help continuously improve your store. In the Store Insights Dashboard, you have access to a range of important store metrics that provide insight into your store’s performance.


By applying the above best practices for your Amazon Brand Store, you can create a store that not only showcases your products effectively but also engages and retains customers. By regularly updating your content, optimising your visual presentation, and employing targeted marketing and advertising strategies, you create a dynamic and appealing shopping environment, leading to greater success on Amazon.

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