Amazon Premium A+ Content: Everything You Need to Know

The competitive landscape on Amazon becomes more intense every day. Hence, it’s crucial for brand owners and sellers to leverage innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the most effective methods to distinguish yourself on this platform is the use of Premium A+ Content.

Amazon has made the A+ Premium Content, which was previously available for vendors at a cost, free for sellers or brand owners for a “limited promotional period”. In this post, you’ll learn what A+ Premium Content is, the requirements for using Premium A+ Content, how it stands out from Basic A+ Content, and why you should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s get started!

What is Amazon Premium A+ Content and why is it important?

Premium A+ Content on Amazon is an advanced form of traditional A+ Content. It offers brand owners additional tools to present their products in a more professional and appealing way. Big brands like Apple and Samsung already use this powerful feature, helping them keep their products in the limelight. Amazon even claims that implementing Premium A+ Content can increase sales by up to 20%.

Prerequisites for using Amazon Premium A+ Content

Before you can use Premium A+, you must fulfil 3 key prerequisites:

  • Brand Registration: You must own a brand that is registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Brand Story: You must have published a Brand Story for your brand. This should focus on your brand and introduce aspects such as the origin story and the different product divisions of your brand.
  • At least 15 approved A+ Contents: At least 15 A+ Contents must have been approved in the last 12 months. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have already actively worked with A+ Content.
Visual examples of Brand Stories from brands Chiefs and Gentlemonkeys (Germany)

Once these criteria are met, you will be granted the privilege to use Premium A+ Content. As a brand owner, you must have a registered brand with Amazon, have published a Brand Story and own at least 15 approved A+ Contents in the last 12 months. Amazon’s qualification assessment always takes place at the end of the month.

If everything worked, you should see this in the A+ Content Manager:

Image Description: The use of Premium A+ Content is unlocked in Seller Central

What modules does Premium A+ offer?

1.Video Module: You can incorporate videos to showcase your product in action. Visual examples of high-quality videos from Chiefs and Samsung:

2. Questions & Answers: Here, you can answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) in a clear manner, eliminating any uncertainties customers might have.

Image Description: Visual example of the FAQ module of the brand Chiefs (Germany)

3. Hotspots: Here, you can add “hotspots” on an image that displays additional information (in text) when clicked. Examples from Chiefs and Bose (Germany):

4. Carousels: Here, you can scroll or click through multiple images, providing an interactive presentation of your products. Two visual examples of available carousel modules from Samsung and L’Oreal Paris (Germany):

5. Comparison Tables: Premium A+ Content includes different types of comparison tables. Here, you can compare up to six products and highlight the differences. Examples are Samsung, Bose, and Nivea (Germany).

6. Image Modules: Use high-resolution images to present your product in the best light. Example Marshall (Germany).

7. Text Modules: Show technical data and further information in a clear form.

What’s the difference between A+ and Premium A+ Content?

Basic A+ Content already stands out compared to conventional and text-based product descriptions. However, compared to Basic A+, Premium A+ Content appears even more high-quality and professional. This is due to larger images, expanded presentation options and additional modules. The high-quality presentation makes your products appear automatically more professional than those of your competitors.

Feature Basic A+ Content Premium A+ Content

Text Modules1 (Text Module)2 (Text Module, Technical Data)
Image Modules3 (Standard Images, Dual Images, Image Carousel)6 (Premium Images, Dual Images, Image Carousel, Premium Dual Images, Hotspots, Premium System Carousel)
Comparison Tables1 (Standard Comparison Table)4 (Various types of Comparison Tables)
VideosNo3 (Full Premium Video, Video Image Carousel, Premium Video with Text)
Questions & AnswersNoYes (Q&A Module)
CarouselsNo4 (Premium Navigation Carousel, Video Image Carousel, Premium System Carousel, Simple Image Carousel)
HotspotsNoYes (2 Types of Image Modules for Hotspots)
Premium Dual ImagesNoYes

How do I create Premium A+ Content?

Creating Premium A+ Content is similar to Basic Content. Choose “Premium” in the Seller Central A+ Content Manager and add the desired modules. Then embed the ASINs on whose product detail page the Premium A+ Content should appear. Remember that Amazon may take up to seven days to review and approve your content.

Helpful tips for using Premium A+ Content

To get the most out of Premium A+ Content, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Use high-quality images: A picture is worth a thousand words. Ensure you use high-resolution images to present your product.
  • Answer frequently asked questions: Use the FAQ function to proactively answer potential questions from your customers.
  • Draw comparisons: Use the comparison tables to compare your product with competitor products and highlight why your product is the best choice.
  • Tell a story: With the expanded space, you can tell a story about your product and your brand that emotionally appeals to and binds customers to you.
  • Use all available modules: Each module offers the opportunity to present your product in a unique way. Use them all to show the diversity of your offering.


Using Amazon Premium A+ Content provides an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd and present your products effectively and appealingly.

By using high-quality images, proactively answering your customers’ questions, displaying targeted product comparisons, and telling an engaging story about your brand and products, you can optimise your Amazon listing and significantly improve your customer experience.

While the setup and use of Premium A+ Content may initially be somewhat time-consuming, the potential that this feature offers is immense. Take advantage of these benefits and elevate your Amazon business to a new level.

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