Amazon Flash Offers

“Amazon Lightning Deals” are limited-time offers available for a short duration, typically offering significant discounts on a selection of products. These deals offer a limited quantity of items at a reduced price, usually for a very brief period.

In brief, Lightning Deals are your secret weapon for short-term discount promotions on Amazon. They last between 4 and 12 hours, compelling even the most frugal shoppers with a minimum discount of 15%. However, there’s only one deal per customer, and the deal ends once the timer runs out or all products have been snapped up.

Where to Find Lightning Deals on Amazon?

A standout feature on the deals page! Lightning Deals are unmissable on the “Today’s Deals” page. They showcase the discounted product in all its glory, including the discount, available variants, and a countdown that signals: it’s now or never!

Lightning Deals on Amazon’s Deals Page

What Sellers Need to Know About Amazon Lightning Deals

For sellers, participating in Lightning Deals is an excellent way to boost product visibility and sales. But be aware: there are fees for each Lightning Deal conducted. These include a base fee for merchandising and a cost per unit sold. The exact costs vary depending on the chosen date and deal, so plan wisely!

Who Can Participate? Not everyone is eligible!

Amazon selects products for Lightning Deals based on performance metrics such as reviews and sales figures. If your product is selected, you’ll receive suggestions for price and quantity. To participate, you must accept these recommendations. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the participation feesthey vary depending on the season and campaign start date.

Participation Criteria for Vendors and Amazon Lightning Deals

Sellers have the opportunity to initiate Lightning Deals for products that meet the set criteria. It’s required that vendors submit their Lightning Deal campaigns at least four weeks before the planned start date for approval. Both vendors and sellers are responsible for paying a participation fee for each Lightning Deal, with the fee amount varying seasonally.


Lightning Deals are a powerful tool! They offer a unique opportunity to quickly sell your products while increasing your brand’s visibility. With the right strategy, you can maximise these offers and see your sales soar. Get involved with Lightning Deals – your success awaits!