Amazon Revolutionises Product Descriptions with Generative AI Technology: What Sellers Need to Know

You’ve likely heard – Amazon has made another significant leap towards AI integration. The e-commerce giant recently launched a new generative AI tool designed to assist sellers in creating striking product listings. But what does this mean for you as a seller, and how can you leverage it to your advantage? Let’s delve into this groundbreaking tool and how it could transform the selling process.

A Time-consuming Issue: Product Descriptions

Every seller on Amazon knows the challenge of crafting perfect product descriptions for each item, especially when offering a wide range of products. Imagine if a tool could automate this process while delivering high-quality descriptions?

What is Amazon’s New AI Tool?

Unveiled at Accelerate 2023, Amazon’s generative AI is the tool sellers have been dreaming of. With just a brief description of your product, this tool generates the rest of the description for you. Sellers need only input a few keywords or phrases about their product. Based on this, the tool produces a suite of content sellers can use, such as product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. The beauty? You can customise these descriptions as needed. The primary goal is to streamline the selling process and free up sellers’ time for other crucial aspects of their business.

Benefits for Customers and Sellers

  • Time-saving: Previously, crafting compelling product titles and descriptions was laborious. This tool simplifies the process, saving sellers hours of work.
  • Quality: The AI-generated content is of high quality and can be directly added to the Amazon catalogue. There’s also the option to revise it as necessary.
  • Improved Customer Experience: More comprehensive and meaningful product descriptions enhance the shopping experience for customers, providing them with more complete information.

How Does This AI Tool Work?

The tool utilises large language models (LLMs) trained on vast datasets. These models can recognise, summarise, translate, predict, and generate text.

A Practical Example: If a diameter is specified in the specifications, the model can infer that a table is round. Similarly, it can deduce the collar style of a shirt from its image.

Feedback from Early-Access Users

Some lucky individuals have had the chance to test this tool in recent months. The majority of these sellers were able to use the AI-generated descriptions directly without making any changes. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness and quality of the generative AI.

Tips for Optimal Use of the Generative AI Tool

  • Use clear and precise keywords: The more accurate your keywords, the more relevant the generated description will be.
  • Always review the generated content: It’s advisable to always check the generated descriptions and titles to ensure they match your product.
  • Stay updated: Amazon continuously improves its AI models. Keep an eye out for updates and new features to get the most out of the tool.

Further Tips:

Familiarise yourself with Amazon’s guidelines to ensure the AI-generated descriptions meet standards. Use customer feedback and reviews to further refine product descriptions.

What’s Next?

While this tool has already made a significant impact on the selling process on Amazon, it’s just the beginning. Amazon plans to continue introducing AI technologies to further optimise the selling process. What they have planned next remains to be seen.


The introduction of generative AI tools indicates that the future of online selling is increasingly influenced by technology. As a seller, it’s crucial to adapt and utilise these advanced tools to stay competitive and offer customers a premium shopping experience. Start now and reap the benefits of this impressive technology!

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