Amazon Product Videos: Your Guide to Increased Sales

Boost Amazon Sales: Essential Guide to Effective Product Videos

It’s no secret that we live in a visual era. We’re constantly surrounded by images on our phones, computers, TVs, and even on our online marketplaces. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has recognized the potential of product videos and allows sellers to display them on their product pages. In this blog post, you’ll learn why product videos on Amazon are so crucial and how you can use them to enhance your sales success.

The Importance of Product Videos on Amazon: Why Are They Essential?

Product videos are more than just a nice addition to your product page on Amazon – they’re an effective way to spotlight your products, showcase your brand, and ultimately boost your sales. Videos allow customers to experience products in a way that photos and text descriptions cannot. They provide a dynamic, interactive platform to present your products and persuade your customers.

Benefits of Amazon Product Videos: Why Should I Use Them?

Product videos offer a range of benefits. They can:

  • Boost customer trust by showing the product “in action”
  • Create an emotional connection to the product
  • Highlight the uniqueness of your product
  • Help customers understand the features and benefits of your product better

Amazon Guidelines for Product Videos

To ensure your videos comply with Amazon’s guidelines, it’s essential to know the specific requirements. These can range from the video quality to its duration and content. You should make sure your video looks professional, focuses on the product, and contains no misleading information.

Here are some of the primary guidelines:

  • Quality: Videos should have high image and sound quality to provide customers with the best possible experience.
  • Focus: Videos should mainly focus on the product being sold. Advertising other products or services is not permitted.
  • Content: Videos must not contain misleading information and must accurately represent the actual condition and features of the product.
  • Duration: Product videos should generally not be longer than 5 minutes, unless a longer duration is necessary for an adequate product presentation.
  • Copyright and Trademark Rights: Videos must not contain any content that violates third-party copyright or trademark rights.
  • Offensive Content: Videos must not contain offensive, insulting, or discriminatory content.

What Types of Product Videos Are Available on Amazon?

Amazon offers various types of videos that can be integrated differently – product videos for inclusion in Amazon Content and product videos for Amazon Advertising. These can be displayed in different areas on Amazon: as the last product image, in A+ Premium Content, in the Brand Store, or as a Sponsored Brand Video Ad, for example.

  1. Gallery Video

A Gallery Video can be integrated directly into the image gallery on your product detail page. This is the most visible organic placement for a video on Amazon. It offers an excellent opportunity to show your product in action and present customers with how it looks and operates in the real world. There must be fewer than 6 images in the gallery for the video to display! In theory, up to 10 videos per product can be uploaded. We recommend uploading files with the highest quality level, but no more than 5GB. Currently, the file formats MOV and MP4 are allowed. Note: To use Gallery Videos, you must be the brand owner.

2. A+ Premium Video

These videos are part of Amazon’s A+ Premium Content Program and are displayed on the product detail page. The module that can be added here is called “Full Video with optional Text”. Your product and its benefits can also be presented in an appealing, visual manner. The size of the video file must be 1464 x 600 pixels and have 1080p quality for mobile and desktop devices. There’s an option to add a thumbnail or cover that harmonizes well with the overall design of the A+ page. The final video must not be larger than 3 MB. Note: A+ Premium Modules are only available to brands with unlocked A+ Premium Content.

3. Amazon Video Ad

These are paid video ads that can be displayed in various parts of the Amazon website and mobile apps. They’re a good way to present your product to a broader audience.

4. Sponsored Brands Video Ad

These video ads appear in search results and allow brands to tell their story while promoting relevant products. They’re an effective way to increase visibility and awareness of your brand.

5. Amazon DSP Video Ad

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a program that allows sellers to run programmatic video ads on Amazon itself and on other websites. This can be particularly effective to promote your product beyond the boundaries of Amazon.

Each type has its own advantages and might be more suitable for your product and brand. Always follow the guidelines for Amazon Ads videos with these options.

Creating Professional Product Videos: Our Tips for Amazon Videos

Creating a professional product video requires careful planning. You can either shoot them yourself or invest some money and have them professionally created. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Put the product in the spotlight: Your video should focus on the product and not be distracted by unnecessary elements. Define a goal for the video and design the video accordingly. What is the video meant to achieve? Who should it address?
  • Stay true to your brand: Use your logo and brand colors in your video to create recognition value.
  • End your video with a so-called “call to action”: Tell your customers what they should do next – whether that’s buying your product or visiting your website (clear call to action).
  • Use text overlays and subtitles: Many users have their device’s volume set to a minimum or completely muted, making it essential to integrate subtitles into videos that contain text. These can provide additional information and help highlight important points.
  • Optimize for mobile devices: It’s important that the text is readable even on smaller screens. Large-format, clearly structured content with minimal text elements appears most appealing and can be quickly grasped.

In conclusion, a professional product video should not be too long. A video doesn’t necessarily improve just because it delivers a lot of information and lasts a long time. For the customer, it’s more effective and memorable if the video quickly gets to the point and includes all important product details. It’s also advisable to create your video in different Formates, depending on which platforms you want to use it on afterwards.


Product videos are a powerful tool to showcase your products on Amazon and boost your sales figures. With good planning and a touch of creativity, you can create videos that put your products in the best light and get your customers to click the “Buy” button. We hope this article has helped you a bit further! Until next time.

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