Amazon Brand Story: Your Guide for Beginners

As a brand owner on Amazon, the Amazon Brand Story is becoming increasingly important for presenting yourself as a professional company and instilling trust in customers. What exactly is an Amazon Brand Story and how can you create and use it? This concise guide will show you how to craft an effective brand narrative for your Amazon business.

What is an Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon Brand Story is more than just a product description. It is an opportunity for your brand to communicate its story, values, and mission, and to forge a deeper connection with your customers. The Brand Story adds value by providing context for your products and answering the ‘why’ behind your ‘what’. Even if you feel you don’t have the time, a Brand Story is worth a small time investment, especially since it only needs to be created once and can be linked with all the products/ASINs of your brand. The Brand Story then appears on the product detail page directly above the section where traditional A+ Content begins.

Prerequisites for creating a brand story

Before you start creating your Brand Story, you should ensure you meet the following requirements:

You are a registered owner of the brand, i.e., you have an active and registered trademark (text or image mark) You have registered your brand with Amazon as an Amazon Seller (more on Amazon Brand Registry here) You are an Amazon Vendor and thus automatically qualify for creating A+ Content and therefore also for creating a Brand Story Ideally, you should have high-quality product images on your product detail pages and have already thought about a well-written brand text for the Brand Story that communicates your brand values and presents the benefits and special features of your products well. For the creation of the brand story, you will also need high-quality images. (More on this later.)

PS: The creation of the brand story is free of charge for you, whether as a Seller or Vendor!

Benefits of a Brand Story

A well-prepared Amazon Brand Story offers many advantages that go far beyond mere presence on your product page:

  • Customer retention: A strong brand story can help build an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Differentiation from competitors: By telling your unique story, you can stand out from your competitors.
  • Increased visibility: Amazon highlights brands that have a brand story, which can lead to more visibility and potentially more sales.
  • Building trust: A well-told brand story can increase customer trust in your brand and your products.

Increasing the average shopping cart value through cross-selling

One of the strengths of an effectively used Amazon Brand Story is the ability to increase the average shopping cart value of your customers. By using modules that refer to your other products, you encourage customers to put multiple of your products in their shopping cart. Even small increases in the average shopping cart value can pay off enormously, especially when customers buy several of your products after clicking on an ad just once.

Humanising your brand to build emotional connections

With your Brand Story, you can humanise your brand and build an emotional connection with your customers. In today’s world, people are looking for brands that they can identify with and that they want to support because they reflect their own values. By sharing your brand story, your principles and your mission, you give them a reason to get excited about your brand and prefer it to others.

Strengthening brand awareness and branding

Although Amazon is the world’s largest product search engine, it doesn’t always make it easy for brands to establish themselves and stand out. Often buyers simply compare products based on price, reviews and images. But a well-told brand story can really make a difference. It can create sustainable brand value that anchors you in the minds of buyers and gets them to think of your brand when making repeat purchases or future products.

Tips for a good Brand Story

When planning your brand story, there are a few aspects you should consider to make it truly convincing:

  • Create an appealing overall picture: The appearance of your brand story should be attractive and coherent. Think about how the different elements fit together and create a rounded image of your brand.
  • Tell a story: Wrap the information about your brand in an interesting story. Keep in mind that each module of your brand story pursues a specific goal.
  • Show what sets you apart: What makes your brand and your products special? What social projects do you support? These are important aspects that should be incorporated into your brand story.
  • Build a personal relationship: Show who is behind the brand. Present the founders and the team to establish a personal connection with your customers.
  • Keep the texts short and precise: Your brand story should be easily understandable. Avoid complicated phrasing and keep your statements short and to the point.
  • Use professional images: Images are an important part of your brand story. Ensure they look professional and are in high resolution. They give your customers a first impression of your brand and should therefore be carefully selected.

Available Modules for an Amazon Brand Story

Main Banner

Brand hero image with logo“: This module is mandatory for everyone and serves as the standard image that customers see first. It also serves as a background image when customers scroll to the next module. Everyone must use the “Brand Hero: Picture with Logo” module, but the four other available modules can be combined and customised at your discretion to represent your brand story and highlight aspects of your brand and products that distinguish you from the competition.

Please note that the listed image dimensions are minimum sizes; we always recommend a higher or double resolution to improve image quality. Make sure the ratio remains the same.

  • Dimensions Main Banner: 1464px x 625px minimum Dimensions
  • Small Banner for Mobile (right): 463px x 625px minimum
Here you insert your images in the main module. (Example “Wundermix”, brand from germany )

Comparison Module

Brand card four ASINs: This module is excellent for contrasting four different products. Add the images, the product ASINs, a headline, and a link to your Amazon Brandstore. Again, we always recommend a higher or double resolution to improve image quality.

  • Image Dimensions: at least 166px x 182px.
Image Description: Example of product comparison for “Wundermix” (brand from germany)

Image and Text Modules

“Brand Card: Media Asset”: Background image and optional text – best suited for brief information about a brand or a product with a suitable background image.

“Brand Card: Info”: Background image and text – best suited for brief information about the brand or a product with a suitable background image. Here too, we always recommend a higher or double resolution to improve image quality.

Image Description: Example of Image and Text Modules for “Wundermix”

Beispiel Bild und Text Module bei Marke „Wundermix“

Questions and Answers / Q&A Module

„Markenkarte: Fragen“: Hier können bis zu 3 allgemeine Fragen zu deiner Marke beantwortet werden. Obwohl du aus einer vorgegebenen Liste wählen kannst, ist es besser, deine eigenen Fragen zu erstellen, um spezifischer auf deine Kunden einzugehen. Für dieses Modul wird nur Text benötigt.

Image Description: Example of Q&As from “Wundermix”.

Examples of successful and well made Brand Stories:

How do I create the Amazon Brand Story on Amazon?

Creating a Brand Story may seem intimidating at first, but with the right process, it’s entirely doable. Here’s a guide for you:

First, sign in to your Amazon Seller or Vendor Central account.

2. In Seller Central, click on “A+ Content Manager” under the “Advertising” tab; in Vendor Central, click on the “Marketing” tab and then “A+ Content Manager“.

3. Click on “Create A+ Content“.

4. Chose “Create a Brand Story“.

5. Insert your brand name as the content name and select the language in which it should be composed.

6. Begin creating your Brand Story. You can now build your brand’s story using a modular system, adding modules and arranging the various modules as often as you like. First and foremost, the before mentioned mandatory main background image needs to be added.

7. Insert your prepared texts and high-quality images in the correct formats into the modules. Amazon provides clear guidelines on where images and texts can or must be added.

8. Save the content as a draft once you are satisfied with the result.

9. Review your Brand Story (in preview mode) for spelling errors and in the next step, provide your ASINs either as a list or individually, which need to be linked to the Brand Story.

10. Submit your brand story for approval.

Amazon will review your submitted content within a week and either approve or reject it. In the event of rejection, you will be precisely informed of the changes you need to make before resubmitting it for review.

Approved content usually appears on the product detail page within 24 hours. That’s it!

Conclusion Creating an Amazon Brand Story is an investment that can bring significant benefits. However, it requires time and a touch of creativity. It’s not a simple marketing gimmick, but a powerful tool to help build your brand, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase your sales. Take advantage of this opportunity! And remember, at ama-X, we are always ready to support you in this process.

If you need assistance, we, as a marketing agency for Amazon, are happy to help. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including the design and creation of Amazon Brand Stories. Together, we can bring your brand story to life and take your brand to the next level. Contact us today and let’s write your brand story together!

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