Amazon Brand Registry

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry is a protection programme designed to aid trademark owners in safeguarding their registered trademarks on Amazon, and to optimise the customer brand experience. This registration allows you to better control your product listings, combat counterfeits, and gain access to advanced marketing tools. A key feature of the Amazon Brand Registry is the use of advanced technologies, such as machine learning, to fight trademark infringements and counterfeit listings.

The Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry

Registered trademarks on Amazon enjoy numerous benefits, such as enhanced access to marketing tools, including Amazon A+ Content, Amazon A+ Premium, Brand Story, and Amazon Brand Store. You can also use Sponsored Brands to increase the visibility and discoverability of your products.

  • Enhanced Control: With a brand registration, you have full control over your product pages and can ensure the information provided in the listings is accurate.
  • More Effective Brand Protection: Amazon offers enhanced tools* for the protection of your brand, including proactive features that can detect and respond to potential trademark infringements.
  • Access to Advanced Marketing Tools: Registered brands have access to A+ Content, Stores, and Sponsored Ads, significantly expanding the possibilities for effective marketing.

What tools does Amazon provide for this?*

  1. Proactive Brand Protection Features: These utilise machine learning and AI to identify potential trademark infringements and proactively respond to them. For example, these tools can find suspicious products, product listings, or sellers that may violate Amazon’s brand policies. They are also used to detect and remove counterfeit goods or listings.
  2. Brand Infringement Search in the Brand Registry: The search function of the Amazon Brand Registry is specifically designed to identify potential trademark infringements. By using the available search function, you can quickly browse through Amazon listings and look for possible trademark infringements.
  3. Infringement Reporting Tool: Amazon provides brand owners with a specialised tool to report possible trademark infringements. This programme can be used to report goods or listings that infringe on the brand’s intellectual property (product counterfeiting, false representation of the brand, or unauthorised use of the brand name).
  4. Transparency Programme: This programme assists brands in combating counterfeits by allowing them to apply unique codes to their goods. Customers can scan these codes to ensure the products are genuine before making a purchase.

Prerequisites for the Amazon Brand Registry

To apply for the Amazon Brand Registry, you must own a registered word or word/image trademark. This means you need to have an official trademark registration with a recognised trademark office. You must also provide Amazon with a list of product categories where your brand is sold, and a list of countries where your products are manufactured and distributed. The brand must be registered in one of the national trademark offices in the listed countries. The brand also needs to be clearly visible on the product and/or packaging.

How do I go about an Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry-Portal is used to carry out the Amazon brand registration. It’s important to note that the brand name in the application matches the text of the brand. If image trademarks contain text elements, an image must be uploaded. Once you’ve entered all necessary information and verified your identity as the rights holder, the registration process is complete, and you can fully utilise the functions and tools of the Amazon Brand Registry.

Tip: The Amazon Brand Registry is only the first step. Be sure to consistently monitor your brand and utilise all offered tools to ensure the best protection and presentation of your brand on Amazon.

Key Points on Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry is an important process that can pose challenges due to its complexity. Therefore, we have created a detailed step-by-step guide for you, which will assist you in registering your brand.


The Amazon Brand Registry is a crucial step in enhancing your brand presence and protection on Amazon. Don’t forget that it can take some time for your application to be reviewed and approved, so it’s best to start early.