The total number of individual visits a customer makes to your product page is referred to as a “session”. It’s important to understand that this is considered independently of the number of clicks made during a visit. Typically, a session lasts 24 hours.

Why are Sessions Important?

Sessions are the cornerstone of your Amazon marketing. They provide you with insight into how often customers come across your product page and offer a foundation for optimizing your SEO strategy. More sessions mean more potential purchases, which in turn have the potential to improve your ranking on Amazon.

Successful Utilisation of Sessions

1.Track session percentage: Keep track of the percentage of sessions that convert into purchases (Conversion Rate). This shows you how effective your product page is at converting visitors into buyers.

2. Increase traffic: Use advertising, product reviews, and SEO optimizations to drive more traffic to your product page and thereby increase sessions.

3. Improve offer quality: Ensure that your product offer is attractive and inviting. High-quality images, meaningful descriptions, and positive customer reviews can increase the number of sessions and the conversion rate.

Final Tip

Remember: A high number of sessions doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. The aim is to generate high-quality traffic that can be converted into sales. Therefore, efforts should aim to increase both the number of sessions and the conversion rate.

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