RoAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

In today’s digital world, advertising campaigns are a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. Whether it’s on Google, Facebook, or other online platforms, advertising is an effective way to generate new leads and win customers. However, a crucial question arises: how can one effectively measure and evaluate the success of advertising campaigns? This is where ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) comes into play.

What exactly is “RoAS”?

ROAS is a key indicator in online marketing that gives you an accurate insight into the revenue your advert generates. It provides a valuable metric for evaluating and comparing advertisements. The basic concept behind ROAS is simple: it measures the actual profit per advertising expenditure in pounds. ROAS is a subcategory of Return-on-Investment, abbreviated as ROI, which shows the ratio between revenue and costs.

How do you calculate ROAS?

RoAS is the ratio of revenue generated through advertising to the amount of advertising spend. The formula is quite simple:

RoAS = (Revenue from advertising / Costs of advertising) * 100

In other words, the RoAS formula is this: the amount of revenue from an advertising campaign divided by the amount spent on the campaign itself. So, if your RoAS is 500%, it means that for every pound spent, you get back 5 pounds. Ideally, you should aim to achieve a high ROAS value as this would indicate that your advertising costs are low in relation to profit.

How do you optimise your RoAS?

  • Understanding your audience: Understand who your customers are and what they need. This can help you develop more effective advertising strategies.
  • Quality content: Ensure you create high-quality content. The quality of your advertisements can make a significant difference to your RoAS.
  • Ad testing: Test different types of advertisements and content to find out what resonates best with your audience.
  • Budget monitoring: Keep an eye on your advertising budget and ensure that you’re using it effectively.

RoAS compared to other metrics

RoAS is an important metric, but it’s not the only one you should pay attention to. Some other crucial metrics are Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Click-through-Rate (CTR), and Cost-per-click (CPC). Each of these metrics provides a slightly different insight into the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Tips for boosting your RoAS

  • Use of analytics tools: With tools such as Google Analytics or Amazon’s Advertising Reports, you can gather and analyse essential data to improve your RoAS.
  • Continuous optimisation: The key to boosting your RoAS lies in continual improvement. Regularly review your campaigns and make necessary adjustments.
  • Get expert help: If you’re struggling to improve your RoAS, you might consider consulting an expert or an agency.


Optimising your RoAS can make a significant difference to your business and marketing strategy. It’s an ongoing process, but the effort is definitely worth it. Keep these points in mind, and you’re well on your way to getting the most out of your Amazon advertising campaigns!