Project Zero

What is Project Zero?

Project Zero is an initiative by Amazon aimed at eliminating the sale of counterfeit products on its platform. The tool offers exclusive protection to brand owners through automated monitoring and the ability to immediately remove fake listings, ensuring that your customers only receive authentic products and that counterfeits are combated.

Project Zero is currently available in a variety of countries to support eligible brands. These countries include the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Singapore, Poland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Key Features of Project Zero

  • Automated Protective Measures: Over 8 billion listings are scanned daily for potential counterfeits.
  • Self-Service Tool for Removing Fakes: This tool enables brand owners to remove counterfeit listings without needing direct contact with Amazon.
  • Product Serialization: An optional service that verifies the authenticity of each product unit, regardless of whether it is shipped by Amazon or another seller.

Figures on Project Zero according to Amazon

Source: Amazon Project Zero
  • 22,000+ brands are already participating
  • 8 billion+ daily scans
  • Over 99% of suspicious listings are proactively and effectively removed

Getting Started with Project Zero – Are You Eligible?

To use Project Zero, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Own a registered trademark.
  • Show a high acceptance rate for reporting potential violations, with previously submitted violation reports through the “Report a Violation” function having an acceptance rate of at least 90% over the last six months.

Moreover, Amazon reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility for use based on additional criteria to prevent misuse of the tool.

Steps to Activate Project Zero

Begin by checking your eligibility for activating Project Zero by registering with the Amazon Brand Registry and visiting the Project Zero page. You must then provide Amazon with the necessary data to effectively detect and remove counterfeits. Finally, activate the self-service function that allows you to immediately remove counterfeit listings.

Registration for Project Zero is free. Costs are incurred only if you use the product serialization service.


Amazon Project Zero is your powerful ally in the battle against product counterfeiting. By combining Amazon’s advanced technology, you can effectively detect and eliminate fakes. Benefit from Project Zero by acting swiftly against counterfeits and removing fake products quickly from the market. Enjoy automated protection through constant monitoring and prevention with Amazon’s technology. In doing so, protect your brand and simultaneously boost customer trust by actively and continuously combating product counterfeiting.