Amazon’s Choice

You’re probably familiar with the situation: when shopping online, it can sometimes be difficult to choose from a multitude of products that best suit your needs. This is where Amazon’s Choice comes into play, a feature designed to assist you in making a purchase decision.

What is “Amazon’s Choice”?

Amazon’s Choice is an accolade or a “buying recommendation” from Amazon that is awarded to specific products based on their quality, price, and popularity among customers. This means that the product has received very good ratings, is readily available for immediate delivery, and is offered at an attractive price. If a product has this accolade, it can help users to find the product more easily and be more likely to decide to purchase it.

Example with protein bars: The product selected by Amazon carries the “Amazon’s Choice” seal

Tip: For everyday items that you don’t need to think too much about, you can easily choose a product with the Amazon’s Choice seal. But for more specific purchases, such as furniture, clothing or tech, you should still consider your personal preferences and technical requirements.

Is Amazon’s Choice trustworthy?

It’s important to note that the “Amazon’s Choice” badge doesn’t guarantee the lowest price. Some tests have shown that not all Amazon’s Choice products meet the stated criteria. Also, the items displayed as Amazon’s Choice can change based on your previous search queries and purchases. Therefore, customers should still compare prices and choose products based on their specific requirements and preferences.

What are the criteria for “Amazon’s Choice”?

So, as an Amazon seller, how do you get the Amazon’s Choice badge for your product? There are some criteria your product must meet in order to be selected as “Amazon’s Choice”:

Prime delivery: Your product must be available for Prime delivery.

Customer ratings: Your product should have an average rating of at least 4 stars, ideally based on a high number of good reviews.

Search queries and high purchase rate: Products that are frequently viewed and purchased when searching for certain keywords have a better chance of getting the “Amazon Choice” label.

Low return rate: Products with a low return rate are preferred.

Bestseller status: If your product is one of the best-selling in your product category, your chances of becoming “Amazon’s Choice” also increase.

Frequent user clicks

It’s also important to note that Amazon’s Choice is not awarded through manual reviews, but through an automated process based on data and algorithms.

The difference between Amazon’s Choice and Bestseller

Even though they might look similar at first glance, there is a significant difference between these two accolades. Products labelled as Amazon’s Choice are clicked on more frequently, returned less often and rated better than other items from the same segment. Bestsellers, on the other hand, are the items that have sold the most, regardless of how well they are rated or how often they are returned.

How can your product become “Amazon’s Choice”?

As a seller, the Amazon’s Choice badge can give you increased visibility and potentially more sales. To be considered for this badge, you need to ensure that your products meet the criteria mentioned above. Amazon does not give official comments on this process. But according to discussions in Amazon reseller forums, sellers do not need to apply to be considered. However, besides the already mentioned aspects, there are some points you can consider to increase your chances of being “selected”:

Product quality: Listen to your customers’ feedback and constantly improve your product. This will help you get better reviews.

Delivery capability: Use the Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Keyword optimisation: Use relevant and popular keywords in your product description and title to increase visibility in search queries. Find out here how to do good keyword research and write optimised product listings.

Return management: Ensure that your product meets the customers’ expectations and that they don’t want to return it. Good customer service can be crucial in this aspect.


Achieving “Amazon’s Choice” status can have a significant impact on the success of your product on Amazon. It requires strategic planning, optimisation and continuous work on product quality and customer satisfaction. Always remember: The Customer is King! The customer is at the centre of everything. You should not only meet their expectations, but ideally surpass them.