Amazon Suggest

Your Roadmap to Optimal Keyword Optimisation

Amazon Suggest is the key to keyword optimisation for your product listings. If you understand how Amazon Suggest works, you can use this tool to its full potential for keyword research and SEO optimisation.

What is Amazon Suggest?

Amazon Suggest is the algorithm that generates search suggestions when you enter something into the Amazon search field. The mechanism is based on the most common and recent searches by Amazon users. The autocomplete feature, also known as “Auto Suggest”, allows users to enter more complex search queries more quickly. But it also has an advantage for you: you can find out what customers are searching for.

How do I use Amazon Suggest?

Keyword research: Enter your primary keyword into the Amazon search field and let Amazon do the rest. The automatically generated suggestions give you insight into your customers’ search behaviour.

Product optimisation: Use the keywords you find to optimise your product descriptions and titles. This ensures that your products are displayed in relevant search queries.

The Secrets Behind Amazon Suggest

Amazon Suggest operates on the principle of Shorttail > Midtail > Longtail. This means that a simple search word can be followed by a slightly longer one, and then by a very long request. The longer the search term, the more specific the request and the fewer search results will be displayed.

For example, if you start with the Amazon keyword “laundry”, Amazon Suggest immediately suggests “laundry rack” from the “Kitchen, Household, Living” category. A space after that leads to the completion of “laundry folding board”.

Complexity on Multiple Levels

The Auto-Suggest function works on multiple levels at Amazon. Starting from a single search term, the automatic completion of the input can go 6 levels deep or more.

Forward and Backward with Amazon Suggest

The autosuggestion completes the user’s inputs from left to right. But a keyword combination can also run backwards. This permutation – changing the order of a keyword combination – can be useful to increase the relevance of search queries to your product and thus increase your chances in the Amazon ranking.

Effective Analysis of Amazon Suggest

Manually entering Amazon autosuggest for different keywords can be very tedious and time-consuming when dealing with a large number of items. This process can be analysed more effectively with tools and even Amazon’s own onboard resources. For example, Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services, AMS) offers a simple way to analyse autosuggest.

The Importance of Order

It is often assumed that the order of suggestions in Amazon Suggest corresponds to the search volume. This is usually true, but there are exceptions. A keyword can move up if it is entered very frequently in a short period of time. If the search queries remain high, the keyword also remains higher up in the list.

Effective use of Amazon Suggest can take you from an average to an exceptionally successful Amazon seller. So, use this in-depth information and start now with the power of Amazon Suggest!

Beware of pitfalls: Not all keywords generated by Amazon Suggest are equal. Some may be irrelevant or lead to strong competition. Therefore, thoroughly investigate each keyword before incorporating it into your strategy.

Tips for Using Amazon Suggest

  • Be specific: The more specific your keyword, the more relevant are the suggestions generated by Amazon Suggest.
  • Test regularly: Customers’ search behaviour changes constantly. Therefore, regularly conduct new keyword research to stay up to date.


Effective use of Amazon Suggest can make the difference between an average and an exceptionally successful Amazon seller. So, get started and discover the power of Amazon Suggest!