Amazon Sponsored Brands

For many online retailers distributing their brand on Amazon, fierce competition is one of the most significant challenges. This is especially true on Amazon, where only a handful of listings appear on the first search results page, and the competition intensifies the higher they are positioned. This is where Amazon Advertising comes into play.

What are Amazon Sponsored Brands?

Amazon Advertising offers a range of different advertising formats. Sponsored Brands are cost-effective advertising opportunities on Amazon, specifically designed to enhance your brand visibility and generate more revenue. Unlike other ad formats, this one doesn’t just highlight a single product but puts an entire brand in the spotlight. As a brand owner, you can use Sponsored Brands ads to highlight your product portfolio by creating a custom landing page or product list.

How do Amazon Sponsored Brands work?

Sellers who wish to use Sponsored Brands have the option to choose between three different ad formats: Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Video.

All of these formats are based on keyword targeting and product targeting, meaning they don’t appear randomly but only for specific search terms or ASINs, or categories. Up to three products can be displayed in one ad (except for video ads).

And how do they work? The Sponsored Brands ads operate on a bidding system. You determine which keywords should trigger your ad and bid a specific amount for them. Generally, a higher bid results in better placement of your ad.

Where do the Sponsored Brands ads appear?

All three ad formats demonstrate why both Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products ads are so effective: they look very similar to organic search results and are even placed above them.

The Sponsored Brand ads can appear above, below, or amongst the organic search results. As soon as a customer clicks on the ad, they are directed either to the Amazon Brand Store of the brand, one of their subpages, or a product detail page.

Differences between Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Sponsored Brands Video:

Product CollectionStore SpotlightVideo
Placement on the search results page above and below the search resultsabove and below the search resultsabove and below the search results
Possible landing pagesAmazon Store and its subpages, product detail page, custom landing page such as product list for Product Collection;Amazon Store and its subpagesAmazon Store and its subpages
Number of products331
Logo & Brandyesyesno
Customizable?Selection of products and their order, headline, picture for Product CollectionSelection of stores and their order, headline, picture for Store SpotlightOnly the video itself

Advantages of Sponsored Brands

Increased brand and product awareness: Your ads appear prominently on Amazon’s search result pages. Through the high visibility of your Sponsored Brands ads, you can more effectively increase awareness of your brand and the visibility of your products.

Targeted advertising through keyword targeting: You can focus your ads on specific search terms/keywords, making it easier to reach and engage your target audience or users with purchasing intent for your product through your advertising.

Good product presentation: You can present multiple products in a single ad, include your Brand Store or a Sponsored Brands Video in your Sponsored Brands ads.

Tips for Getting Started

Before you start with Sponsored Brands, make sure you have a clear objective and strategy. Use relevant keywords, optimise your bids, and regularly monitor the performance of your ads. Good ad optimisation can help you use your budget efficiently and get the most out of your ads.

For more in-depth information, we recommend visiting the Amazon Advertising Learning Console to delve deeper into the topic.