Amazon Posts

What is Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a revolutionary feature that allows brand owners to share vibrant lifestyle images and product-related content through a special “feed”. These posts are similar to what you might see on other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, with the added benefit that customers can be directed straight to your product detail pages. With Amazon Posts, you can use inspiring images and short videos to showcase your products in action, tell your brand story, and capture customer attention.

Who can use Amazon Posts?

Currently, Amazon Posts is only available in the US market. You can use this tool only if your brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry and you are a vendor or seller in the USA. An Amazon Store for your brand is also a prerequisite for using Amazon Posts.

In short: How does Amazon Posts work?

  • Creating posts: You can create posts about your products by uploading attractive images and videos and adding interesting text.
  • Customer interaction: Customers can react to your posts, comment on them, and share them, promoting interaction between your brand and the customers.
  • Increased visibility: Amazon Posts are displayed on the product pages of other products, increasing your reach and making potential customers aware of your brand.

What do Amazon Posts look like and where do they appear?

Amazon Posts are still in beta phase. Currently, the posts can appear in these locations:

1.Product detail page: Here your posts appear in a carousel at the bottom of the page, through which buyers can scroll horizontally. This carousel includes posts from various brands, including your own.

2. Related products/posts from other brands: Buyers reach this feed when they tap on a post within the carousel on the product detail page. In this vertical feed, they can see posts from your brand and others. This is one of the most useful placements. Many customers scroll on mobile devices to the “Related Products” section to find better deals. Here, related posts can prove particularly useful.

3. Brand’s own detail page: This is your personal feed for your brand, containing all your posts. Shoppers can scroll through here.

4. Category feed: All posts are tagged with “category tags” that assign them to the posts feed of a specific category. These also contain posts from various brands, including your own.

Amazon Posts can appear in various places. Image source: Amazon

Unfortunately, you cannot determine when and where your posts appear; Amazon decides this. Amazon places your posts automatically based on their relevance and the level of customer interaction they receive.

Benefits of Amazon Posts

  1. Cost-effectiveness with unlimited potential: Amazon Posts is free! Post as much as you want and strengthen your online brand presence at no extra cost, reaching potential customers organically. The unlimited number of posts allows you to plan a creative content strategy, from daily updates to weekly highlights, keeping your brand always in the conversation.
  2. Increase brand presence and awareness: Using Amazon Posts adds a social dimension to your Amazon presence, enabling you to build a deeper connection with your target audience. With attractive lifestyle images and direct links to your product pages, you make it easy for buyers to learn more about your products, thus promoting not only brand awareness but also customer loyalty.
  3. Enhanced discoverability on Amazon: Customers may discover products they didn’t know you offered. With over 150 million users on the Amazon Mobile App, the chance of your posts being seen is tremendous.
  4. Secure a competitive advantage: Your posts could appear on your competitors’ product pages, giving you a direct advantage. This aspect of Amazon Posts allows you to become more visible in a highly competitive market and capture potential customers directly.
  5. Optimization through split testing: You can track impressions, engagement, and engagement rates of your posts. A detailed analysis of your posts allows you to understand and adjust the performance of your content more accurately. By testing different types of images and content, you can find out what resonates best. This flexibility gives Amazon Posts a significant advantage over more traditional Amazon ads.
  6. Be a pioneer: As Amazon Posts is still in the beta phase, you have the opportunity to be involved from the beginning and benefit from new features that Amazon will introduce in the future. Early adoption of these features can give your brand a technological and strategic edge.

Getting started with Amazon Posts

1.Visit and sign in with your Amazon Advertising console account credentials.

2. Click on “Get Started” and select the brand with which you want to create your brand profile for Posts.

3. Upload your brand logo and create your first post by adding an attractive lifestyle image of your product, writing suitable text, and listing ASINs for related products. Use the text to highlight the USPs of the product or include a call to action. Ensure that you summarize the key features of the product in two lines of text, as Amazon only displays these at first glance, even though you can use up to 2,200 characters in total.

Tips for effective posts

  • Inspiration: Use attractive images that show your product in action.
  • Simplicity: Avoid cluttered images and too much text.
  • Quality: Use high-resolution images.
  • Tell a story: Your text should demonstrate why your products are valuable and unique.
  • Learn more about Amazon’s best practices for posts here.
  • Conclusion: Start with Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a fantastic tool for promoting your brand on Amazon – and it’s free! If you are not yet registered with Amazon Brand Registry, now is the perfect time. Bring your products to life, tell your brand story, and connect with your customers in a whole new way.