Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon has evolved into one of the leading online shopping platforms. However, to be successful, there is one specific aspect you must master: keyword research. Here are the details:

What is Amazon Keyword Research?

The process of identifying search terms that potential customers use when looking for products is known as Amazon Keyword Research. It’s a crucial component in the creation of product listings. If you perform Amazon SEO optimisations and incorporate important or relevant keywords into your listings, solid keyword research has the potential to significantly increase sales, as the visibility of your products is thus enhanced. That’s precisely why Amazon Keyword Research is so important – it’s a key tool for greater visibility.

How do I conduct effective keyword research?

  1. Understand your target audience: Time for a brainstorming session! What are your customers searching for? List what you as a customer would look for if you wanted to find a product like yours. Also, utilise tools like Amazon’s Autocomplete to gather keyword ideas.
  2. Analyse your competitors: Which competitive products appear on the first page of search results? Here it becomes evident which keywords are among the top keywords. Orient yourself towards the top listings of the competition and find good keywords in the titles and also in the bullet points of top competitors. Add these to your keyword list.
  3. Use keyword research tools: Keyword research tools can be incredibly helpful by giving you insights into the search behaviour of potential customers and listing keywords that reflect all customer queries relating to your product. The search volume of the keywords reveals what is most frequently searched for.
Tips: In this blog post, we have delved into the topic of keyword research and provide all the tips and tricks for effectively conducting Amazon keyword research.

In carrying out SEO optimisation of the listings with new keywords, remember that quality always comes before quantity – consciously choose only relevant and important keywords for your title and bullet points, and AVOID keyword stuffing!


Successful keyword research on Amazon involves more than just collecting search terms. It requires understanding your target audience, analysing your competition, and the ability to strategically implement your chosen keywords.