AI Package

Unleash the future of Amazon advertising (PPC) with ama-X’s advanced AI-driven campaign management. By merging our proprietary, high-performance ad structures with the cutting-edge AI capabilities of Adspert, we optimize your advertising campaigns to unparalleled levels of success. But it’s not just about automation: our seasoned Amazon experts provide hands-on consultation, ensuring a perfect blend of technological prowess and human insight. Together, we navigate the Amazon landscape, delivering strategies tailored to your brand’s unique goals.

ama-X's Roadmap to Your AI-Driven Amazon Success

  • Defining goals.

  • Implement top-tier ad structure.

  • Customize AI for brand objectives.

  • Oversee ads and AI management.

  • Advise on Amazon-related matters.

  • Boost your brands growth.

Why Choose Our AI-Managed Service?

  • Precision: Our unique ad structures, combined with Adspert’s AI, ensure pinpoint accurate bids, expansive keyword targeting, and refined ASIN strategies.

  • Scalability: Utilizing Adsperts AI, we boost efficiency through artificial intelligence to ensure sustainable growth in revenue and brand awareness.

  • Hands-Free Automation: After setting up, let the AI drive. We handle the complexities so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

  • Expert Oversight: Not just AI. Our team remains your strategic partner, providing two monthly calls for consultation, aligning on objectives, and offering insights only seasoned Amazon experts can give.

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilize the comprehensive analyses provided by Adspert’s AI. Each campaign decision is based on detailed data analysis to ensure optimal performance and informed strategies for your Amazon advertising.


Elevate your Amazon advertising game. Let technology and human expertise come together for your success.


Optimized Performance01

Utilize our exclusive ad formula and the precision of AI for top-tier results. Adspert’s algorithms refine bids and targeting, ensuring peak ad performance.

Future-Proof Advertising02

Elevate your brand with our guidance on Amazon’s latest and AI’s cutting-edge capabilities. Together, we position your campaigns at the forefront of advertising innovations.

Efficient Spend 03

Our advertising strategists assess future performance, optimize campaigns, and align budgets through the use of artificial intelligence. We maximize your ROI and make every cent count.

Time Savings04

We handle the intricacies with our exclusive formula and AI, automating complex campaign tasks. This allows you to concentrate on overarching business strategies.

Strategic Expertise05

A harmonious blend of our exclusive setup, AI innovation, and seasoned Amazon consulting. Our team ensures your strategy is both technologically advanced and humanly insightful.

Adaptive Learning 06

As Amazon’s landscape evolves, our consultative approach combined with AI ensures your campaigns are always in step with market changes.

Service Packages

Adapted to your needs

The monthly costs are flexible and tailored to your needs.
With the percentage share of advertising and total sales, you always keep track of things. In addition, our AI Package offers a personal expert as a permanent contact person and a 2-hour consultation per month on all Amazon topics.

AI (ama-X & ADSPERT)

Advertising Management durch KI

297 € Setup

Cyborg (AI Pro)

Advertising Management durch KI & Experte

Auf anfrage


Advertising Management durch KI & Experte

Auf anfrage


“I’ve been using the Ama-X AI Package for a few months and I love it. It has significantly increased the efficiency of my Amazon activities. The keyword optimization is top-notch and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my products’ visibility. I can Highly recommend this software to any Amazon seller.”

Sophie R.

“The Ama-X AI Package is a lifesaver! By using this software I was able to almost double my sales. I find the competition monitoring function particularly impressive – I now always feel one step ahead. I would definitely recommend it!”

Maximillian J.

“I am very happy with the Ama-X AI Package. The forecasts and analysis it provides are incredibly accurate and helpful. It has helped me optimize my pricing strategy and better manage my inventory. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to take their Amazon business to the next level.”

Lukas H..

Experience creates trust


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